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8 Products

Livret de l'ADP-Rechargée
SKU: 102F GPA-R Set
Refresher For Staff/Students Who Have Completed GPA Basics (French) 
$6 prix unitaire, vendue par series de 10 seulement
Max 20 sets per order

GPA-Recharged Manual
SKU: 102E GPA-R Set (PKG of 10 Booklets)
Refresher For Staff/Students Who Have Completed GPA Basics
Completion Card on back cover, (pins are  not available for GPA-R)
$6 each, sold in sets of 10 only
Max 20 sets per order.

GPA Coach Resource Kit
SKU: 404E-GPA Coach Resource Kit w/tote

ACT FAST- Once sold out, they are discontinued.

GPA Coach Resource Kit includes 5 essential items to use during your GPA Education Sessions!

This is a GPA Coach Resource ONLY.

GPA Basics Manual
SKU: 111E GPA Basics Manual EN-4th ED
Principes fondamentaux de L'ADP
SKU: 101F GPA Basics Manual FR-3RD ED
Introduction to GPA for Staff/Students (French)

GPA Basics Manual
SKU: 101E GPA Basics Manual EN-3RD ED
Introduction to GPA for Staff/Students  - lapel pins are included.
PLEASE NOTE:  Third edition should only be purchased by coaches in New Brunswick.
Trousee d'pprentissage des activities
SKU: ALP-F Activities Learning PKG-A
Trousee d'pprentissage des activities.
Activities Learning Package
SKU: ALP-E Activities Learning PKG-A
Activities Learning Package  - Coach Resource ONLY